SONGALARM: If King ruled the World inkl. Musikvideo

SONGALARM: If King ruled the World inkl. Musikvideo

Ab heute ist die erste Single von unserem neuen Mixtape Kingsworld veröffentlicht. In „If King ruled the World“ geht es um kinglabel, der sich mit variierenden flows, qualitativen punchlines & authentischen texten der Welt vorstellt und somit das rap game auf mischen will

Viel spas beim hören! Hier der Link zum Musikvideo

If King ruled the World inkl. Musikvideo



Imagine you performin in sold out arenas

Imagine pullin up in somethin more cleaner

Imagine bein iyke to a beautiful Tina

Imagine kinglabel is one of them dreamers

If i ruled the world woulda do it lot differently

Free all my brothers from the fuckin penetantary

Turn all my haters into beautiful memories

Chillin at the white house, pourin up that henessy

Physicly, flexin till it hurt these niggas mentally

Literally, killin all you rappers cause i’m criticly

Criminally, kidnap these niggas specifically and especially, everbody with the thought of killin me

Bitches catchin dick like children catch illness

Biggie with the flow, 2 pac with realness

If i ruled the world, teamtimeback be the witness

Call it an assault but we callin it business

If i ruled the world they be askin for forgiveness

Love doesnt live here and it dont even visit

Got the one who hatin, lovin at the same minute

Stop the damn beat bring it back cause im killin it

Ain’t got no Ti-M-E, cause im tryna make history with TB

Im not Drake but these bitches be lovin me

With the Squad and we kickin it like Bruce lee

If i ruled the would i would like to see

Bad bitches at my crib starrin for a movie

Shawty got that biggie, yeah she got that juicy

Drop it down low, drop it low for me

I keep my goons with me and they keep a toolie

And they shootin down the block, like they shootin new scenes

And they comin for yo ass if you comin for me

With the middlefinger up, screamin fuck the police

This that shit that they been waitin for ain’t it

What people pay paper for ain’t it

I usher you to Kings world u can call me Raymond

Who killin the beat man you know who they be blamin?

If i ruled the world i buy my momma a house

Out the hood like i did it momma i got us out

Fuck the money and the fame this is what its about

Only family, cause friends they were never around

And if i ruled the world i would wife the girl i met

Do it right this time and i ain’t even playin around yet

She different man shawty did some things i wont forget

Shawty know i am gangster , yeah she know i am a mess

im a different person no flirtin, im done with hurtin these females, cause they be lurkin, im focused man i am workin

On skills, on my rhymes, flow and my punchline

So that it bang in yo head like a fuckin gun crime


If king ruled the world, if king ruled the world

I’m out this bitch hoe, but let me come here right back for the outro

Its TB, yeah this how we roll

513 my niggas keep a bankroll

2k18, you know wassup hoe

Now kinglabel rule the world, this my show



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